Friday, February 16, 2018

Chilika Lake - 7 best Scenic Islands

breakfast island on chilika lake

Chilika Lake is India's largest & the world's 2nd largest coastal Lagoon.
Many Islands is at Chilika Lake and each day thousands of individuals return to the present place for its natural read.

Island near Chilika Lake:

1. Nalabana Island/Nalabana Bird Sanctuary:

Nalabana Island on chilika lake

Island is the heart of Chilika Lake, which is famous for its bird Sanctuary. This place is very famous during the time of winter/Monsoon season. Nalabana Island covers nearly 15.53 km, a small island connected to the Bay of Bengal. Above nine lakhs & 147 species of birds from other countries & other regions come to this place to visit this Sanctuary.

2. Breakfast Island:

breakfast island on chilika lake

Breakfast Island is a beautiful island situated in Chilika Lake. It is 16 km far from Balugaon Railway Station. As history says, Breakfast Island was built by "Thomas Snodgrass" in 1791; later, he used this Island for his important meeting. King of Ganjam also used this place for his breakfast when he was arriving here with his queen. The government of Odisha now maintains this place.
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3. Honeymoon Island:

Honeymoon Island is one of the most beautiful and Romantic Island in Chilika Lake. It is near Sanakuda Island and 11 km away from Rambha bay. King of Ganjam and Queen has spent some beautiful memories of his Honeymoon at this place. You will find varieties of birds and wild buffalo also at this place. It is also known as Barakuda Island.

4. Birds Island:

This Island is a beautiful spot for visitors who come here to see species of birds. Rare types of white rock are nestled here, so this place was looking more beautiful. Numerous species of birds descend to this place, so this place is known as Birds Island. This rock has become white due to the falling of Folic acid. This Island is very near to Rambha bay, which is located at a distance of 4 km. You will get a Motorboat from Rambha to visit this place.

birds island on chilika lake

5. Rajhans Island:

Rajhans Island is situated on Chilika Island. It is a small island which is full of forest and covered with mountains. This Island is named after the beautiful bird "Rajhans." This place is full of sand beaches, crabs, Dolphins. The realistic view of this Island is breathtaking, and many visitors from outside come across this area to taste the Seafood and stay here for a long time. One can come to this place from Satapada to Rajhans through a motorboat. It is 48 km far from Puri district.

6. Kalijai Island:

If you plan for Chilika Lake and feel religious connect with its surroundings, don't forget to go to Kalijai Island. Makar Sankranti is the best time to visit Kalijai Island.

kalijai island on chilika lake

History of Kalijai Island:

According to history, A girl named Jaai was going to her husband's house after getting married. Still, due to the cyclone, the boat gets capsized in Chilika Lake, so after that incident, the local people worshipped as Maa Kalijai. This place is more famous due to its natural beauty, and it is the largest coastal lagoon in India & 2nd largest lagoon in the World.

7. Satapada Island:

satapada island on chilika lake

Satapada Island is the most beautiful Island is in Chilika Lake. Satapada Island is located in the south-eastern part of the Chilika lagoon & it is about 50 km from Puri district and near to Brahmagiri Tehsil.
Satapada Island is famous for its "Dolphin Point." Sunrise & sunset view is very much famous on Satapada Island. Majorly four Dolphin types are seen at this place Irrawaddy Dolphin, Common Dolphin, Bottle Nose Dolphin, White Nose Dolphin.
People from all over India come to this place only for its realistic view & Dolphin Point.

How to reach:

Nearest Airport - Bhubaneswar Airport
Nearest Railway Station - Balugaon Railway station

You can go by bus or you can hire a Taxi from Bhubaneswar also.