Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Untold History of Konark Temple Invasions

Konark Temple

Konark Temple is one of the beautiful tourist places in the district of Puri. Konark temple is famous for its Sun Temple, a beautiful beach named Chandrabhaga beach, and Konark Dance festival (India's biggest dance festival).
According to UNESCO (United National Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization), Konark temple is the only world heritage site in the state of Odisha.

History of Konark Temple Invasions:-

Konark Temple
Before Invasions of Konark Temple

According to history, the Konark temple's Invasions was the most significant in Odisha by Kalapahad (Black Mountain).
Kalapahad is very famous for destroying Hindu temples in the year 1568.

According to history, Kalapahad is famous as "Rajiv Lochan Ray," a Hindu Brahmin and Oriya General of King Gajapati Mukundadeva who after converting to Muslim and named as Kalapahad.

After the defeat, the Tribeni war from Kalinga (old name of Odisha) Sulaiman Karrani (Mughal Governor of Bengal) invited Rajiv Lochan Rai to Bengal. He fell in love with Sulaiman's daughter and converted to a Muslim. King Mukundadeva was opposed to this matrimonial alliance and decreed that conversion from Hinduism to Muslim and Puri Jagannath temple also refused his family to covert Hinduism. So Rajiv lochan Ray changed his name to "Kalapahad - The Destroyer".

After the conversion of Kalapahad, he started destroying all the Hindu idols along with Hindu temples. He defeated King Mukundadeva and captured Puri, Jajpur, Cuttack, and all major cities. He destroyed the Konark temple in the year 1568.

Konark Temple
After Invasions of Konark Temple

He damages most of the images, Dadhinauti (Arch stone) and side temple of Konark temple. Due to the displacement of the Dadhinauti, the tower gradually collapsed, and the roof of the mukasala was also damaged, and he also damaged the magnet of the temple. So the stones of the temple falling from the top of the roof.


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