Monday, June 15, 2020

Chaulibhaja waterfall - A hidden waterfall in Mayurbhanj District

Chaulibhaja Waterfall

Let's introduce the Unexplored waterfall in Odisha, "Chaulibhaja waterfall" located in Mayurbhanj district famous for its name Holobo.

Mayurbhanj is one of the well-known spots in East Odisha as the tourist district. More than 100+ tourist sites are available in the Mayurbhanj district. You will find a very well known waterfall-like Devkund waterfall, Barehipani waterfall, Jaranda waterfall, Uski waterfall, Khandia waterfall, Machhakandana waterfall, and many more waterfalls in eastern Odisha.

Chaulibhaja waterfall is located near Bangalidahi Village and Baripada town. 

History of Chaulibhaja Waterfall:

This waterfall falls from 1000 Feet, and when it touches the earth, it looks like rice grains. So it was called chaulibhaja waterfall. 
Local people / tribal people call this place Holoba, which means Human head. In the Odia language, it's called "Manisa Munda."

Holo means "Human" and Bo means "Head" when it combines it's called Holobo. 

Tribal people of this area call each other "Holoko," and this place's local tribal language is "Mundari language."

The stone around the waterfall looks like a Human head, so this place is also called HOLOBO by the tribal people. Apart from that, you'll find 300 years old Metamorphic rock, Phylite rock, Quartzite rock, the slate rock here. These are the oldest rocks, which are rarely found in India.

How to reach:

This place is 36.5 km far away from Baripada city. 
1. Go to Baripada town by bus or personal vehicle. Find your way towards "Tadki" and Tadki is 20 Km far from Baripada city. Then go to "Bangalidahi Village" which is 13 Km distance from Tadki.
2. Go to this waterfall by a walk around 3.5 km.

Chaulibhaja Waterfall

Still, this place was hide from the Odisha tourism department and the Government of Odisha. I always try to get more information about the unexplored waterfall details from some other persons, or I am following from the youtube partners.
Thanks to "Kumaresh Nayak" and the team for providing excellent information about the Unexplored waterfall in Mayurbhanj. We appreciate your hard work to gather excellent information and share it with us.


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