Top 15 Best Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks of Odisha

15 Best Wildlife Sanctuaries of Odisha. Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary, Similipal Tiger Reserve, Satakosia Wildlife, Sunabeda Wildlife Sanctuary.

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Saturday, March 20, 2021

Selani Dingo - Unique Village Eco Retreat at Puri

Selani Dingo
- A unique place in Odisha and a Unique Eco-Village retreat in Chandanpur Village, Puri

Selani Dingo is located in Chandanpur Village of Puri Tehsil in Puri District of Odisha. Chandanpur is located 11.2 KM toward Puri city and 45 KM toward Bhubaneswar city.

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What is Selani Dingo:

Selani Dingo is a unique village retreat located near the Bhargabi River. An ideal place to explore Odisha culture, Odisha food, Odisha tribal culture in one place. An eco-friendly cottage, perfect dining area, garden to travel, cultural programs at night time, herbal massage parlor, and travel through the Bhargabi River with all its culture.

The perfect homestay for the visitors who need tribal accommodation or in need of exploring the tribal culture. These cottages are well-managed with their tribal activities, which reminds me of staying at Koraput, the tribal town of Odisha.

They have four Eco rooms which are filled with large size bed. One room with double bedded and the other three rooms are filled with single size bed. All these rooms are eco-friendly with wooden structured, a large bed, bathroom & toilet. They prefer herbal products for regular use, and all these rooms are properly sanitized.

All these rooms have a study table, chair, tea & coffee maker, bed lamp, one dining room for all. Selani Dingo provides classical Odia food starts from Breakfast to Dinner. Selani Dingo is providing more than 50+ food varieties with vegetable and non-vegetable foods. Selani Dingo provides Indian traditional foods, continental food, Chinese foods, Mexican foods, Spanish foods, Italian foods.

Selani Dingo provides you a unique experience of boating facility over the Bhargabi River. The boating facility and Herbal massage are excluding the Eco retreat cost.

#This is not a sponsored post. The owner of Selani Dingo invites us to visit the cottage to review and share the live experience. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic tourism industry has been massively affected. To support them, we have started visiting these places and share our experiences. They are investing a lot of money in yearly maintenance.

One day Experience at Selani Dingo:

The owner of Selani Dingo invites us to visit this unique place to explore the food and culture. On arriving at Selani Dingo, Mr. Jitendra Mohapatra (owner of Selani Dingo) invited us with a special Tea. I spend all day at the Eco retreat cottage, and what a wonderful experience it was! Coconut trees surround this place. I appreciated the freedom to explore the rooms, dining hall, land, village.

The cottage was spacious with a large sitting area, comfortable bed, big washroom, good dining space for lunch. Finally, the food was excellent with Tea and some traditional Odia dishes like chakuli Pitha and curry. They served the lunch with Rice, Dal, Misti Dahi (Sweet curd), small river fish curry (chuna Macha bhaja) & some fried items (raw banana fry, potato fry).

For guests, they are preparing special foods with a variety of morning snacks, lunch, evening snacks, dinner.

I, unfortunately, was not able to take advantage of conventional dinner food dishes, herbal massage, but, on my next retreat experience, will surely spend a one-night program to enjoy the Odissi dance & enjoy the local traditional music.

Attending a retreat at Selani Dingo is better than going to the sea sight hotel. I have enjoyed and learned the culture of tribal people and stay in peace and find some time to learn about the culture.

Thank you very much for this unique peaceful experience.

Here is the list of delicious traditional food prepared by Selani Dingo:


Cornflake, hot/cold milk, Mussali with nuts, oat porridge, cutting raw fruits, toast bread, fruit juice, brown bread with butter & peanut butter, bread with fruit jam, boiled egg, red millet gruel (Mandia jau), milk-made pancake, chakuli with matar curry, Sprouted green gram (Gaja muga), Lassi.


  • Rice (Boil/ fried rice/ brown rice) any one of given Rice item  list at your choice
  • Noodles (Hakka/ mixed veg/ Mixed non-veg and veg./ Egg) any one of given Noodles  list at your choice
  • Misti Dahi (sweet curd with typical style) //  Bhapa Mango Dahi (steamed mango juice and sweet yogurt) /  Dahi Baigan (yogurt and brinjal  tempered veg. oil with different spices like whole mustard, red chili, spring leaves ) any one of given Yogurt list at your choice
  • Roti (plan/ masala/ nan/ garlic nan/ butter nan/  Kahli roti/ Paratha/ Allu paratha ) any one of given bread list at your choice 
  • Non-veg- Soya chicken / chuna machha bhaja (small river fish oil fry with salt and coriander power) - any one of given Non veg. list at your choice
  • Veg. fried- kadali bhaja  (raw banana fry)/ potato fry (allu bhaja) / Spinach fry – any one of the given veg. fried  list at your choice
  • Tea/ coffee (black ) sugar separate or with milk and masala as your choice on request

Evening Snacks:

  • Pokoda- (Veg. -/ chicken / prawn / fish/ Egg/ chili chicken/ stick chicken ) any one of given Pokoda  list at your choice 
  • Tea/ coffee (black ) sugar separate or with milk and masala as your choice


  • Soup (tomato/ mix veg/ lemon coriander/ chicken soup/ sweet corn/ hot and sour/ chicken noodles) any one of the given Soup  list at your choice
  • Rice (Boil/ fried rice/ brown rice/ jeera rice / Palau/ biriyani- mix,/ veg. biriyani/ chicken biriyani/ mutton biriyani / Khechudi / Kanika ) any one of given Rice item list at your choice
  • Roti (plan/ masala/ nan/ garlic nan/ butter nan/  Kahli roti/ Paratha/ Allu paratha / Puri / green puri ) any one of given Bread list at your choice
  • Dal item- (traditional Dalma/ plan dal/sweet dal/  dal fry/ Dal Navranta/ Dal Tadka) any one of given Dal (lentil)  list at your choice
  • Traditional Non veg. (unique bamboo chicken/ mati handi mutton (clay pot lamb)/ clay mutton / Patrapoda chicken / patrapoda machha (sea fish backed with masala covered banana leaf) / patra poda chinduri (prawn backed  with mustard pest and different masala covered pumpkin leaf)/ Prawn curry / Prawn fry orissan style / Machha Besara/ Machha Mahura/ Chinguri Mahura / Prawn Dalma) – any one of given non veg.  list at your choice
  • Veg. (Santula- mix veg curry traditional style/Mix  veg. fry/ veg. and panner curry/ palak panner / Jani posta / Pottala rasa/ Kakharuphula bhaja/ Allu dum ) any one of given veg.  list at your choice
  • Badi chura / Baigan – allu bharta/  Sima Rai/ Tomato khata (sweet tomato tempered with oil and different spices)- any one of given list at your choice
  • Tea/ coffee (black ) sugar separate or with milk and masala as your choice on request.


    • Fixed fruit salad with Rabdi /  chenapoda (Orissa special)/ Manda/ Chandrakanti/ kakara/ arisa/ bhaja Manda/ Poda pitha/ Khir Sagar / Rasabali/ Golap jammun/ Sita Bhog/  Chena jheely – any one of given dessert  list at your choice


    If you want to enjoy the excellent service of Selani Dingo Eco cottage, then book for one day experience at this place and enjoy the complete journey with more than 50+ Indian traditional foods, Boating, know about the great Odisha culture, temple story, spend your night at this cottage.

    The cost per person is 5000 INR (73 USD) per day accommodation. All of these rooms are included Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

    Village special plan is 8500 INR (120 USD) per day accommodation. Village special plan includes Breakfast, lunch, dinner, Gotipua traditional dance program, bull cart ride for one day.

    Selani Dingo provides Boating over the bhargavi river for 4-long hours. The boating cost is 1500 INR for 4 hours.

    How to reach:

    We have started our travel from Puri to Chandanpur village. After reaching chandanpur village, travel towards Selani Dingo Eco retreat cottage. It takes only 20 minutes from Puri to reach Selani Dingo Eco Resort.

    Book Your Tour with Us

    #This is not a sponsored post. The owner of Selani Dingo invites us to visit the cottage to review and share the live experience. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic tourism industry has been massively affected. To support them, we have started visiting these places and share our experiences. They are investing a lot of money in yearly maintenance.

    If you are traveling to any tribal areas to explore the food, culture, and festivals, why not staying at these eco-retreat places to support them in this Covid-19 pandemic.

    I hope you like this post. We are the best Travel & Tourism blogger who search for unique places to explore and support them by creating blogs, videos and posted them through our social media channels. Share this post with your friends and family if you help us.

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    Wednesday, January 27, 2021

    Top 15 Best Wildlife Sanctuaries & National Parks of Odisha

    When you think about Wildlife sanctuary, Odisha is a perfect place to start exploring. With the vast wildlife sanctuary in Odisha, the environment and forest in Odisha are suitable for wild animals. Odisha is surrounded by 50% of the Wild forest, 480 KM of sea beach, 33 Rivers. Odisha Wildlife sanctuary is the most demand among the wildlife lovers for the Olive readily turtle, Irrawaddy Satapada Dolphins, Similipal Tiger Reserve, Bhitarkanika Crocodile Park, Elephant reserve, Deer Park.

    If you are a Wildlife lover and want to plan for a Wildlife Tour of Odisha, it might be confusing for you to start this journey as Odisha is spread over 155,707 km² and almost 50% of the area is covered with wild forest. Today we'll discuss the best 15 Wildlife sanctuaries of Odisha covered from East to West and North to South.

    List of 15 Best Wildlife Sanctuaries & National Parks of Odisha:

    1. Nandankanan Wildlife Sanctuary
    2. Chandaka Wildlife Sanctuary
    3. Chilika Bird Sanctuary
    4. Balukhand Wildlife Sanctuary
    5. Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary
    6. Gahiramatha Marine Sanctuary
    7. Similipal Tiger Reserve
    8. Satakosia Tiger Reserve
    9. Tikarapada Wildlife Sanctuary
    10. Baisipalli Wildlife Sanctuary
    11. Kotgarh Wildlife Sanctuary
    12. Ushakothi Wildlife Sanctuary
    13. Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary
    14. Sunabeda Wildlife Sanctuary
    15. Karlapet Wildlife Sanctuary

    1. Nandankanan Wildlife Sanctuary:

    Nandankanan wildlife sanctuary is a major attraction for tourists to start a Journey towards Wildlife sanctuaries. It offers white tiger safari and Lion safari, which is a significant attraction for visitors. Nandankanan Sanctuary turned out to be a Wildlife sanctuary on the year of 1979.

    Nandankanan is enriched with Bengal tiger, White Tiger, Lion, Gharials Crocodiles, Wild Boar, Spotted Deer, Ratel, Common Mongoose, Indian Porcupine, Fox, Jackal, Rhesus Macaque, Jungle Cat, Pangolin, Indian Hare, Hyena, Phasianidae, Anatidae, Varieties of Lizard, Python, and many more.


    1. The Entry fee is 50 rs above 12 Years for Indian people & 100 rs for foreign people.
    2. Safari ride is available for 45 Min, and the Price per person is 30 rs
    Toy Train & Ropeway is under construction. 


    An ideal place for family and friends to spend time at Nandankanan. Nandankanan is located 15 KM from Bhubaneswar (the capital of Odisha)

    2. Chandaka Wildlife Sanctuary:

    Chandaka Wildlife Sanctuary is another major attraction for the visitors. This place is famous for the Elephant Sanctuary, which is renowned as the Chandaka-Dampara Wildlife Sanctuary. Chandaka Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over 200 sq. Km and home to many species.
    Chandaka is a major attraction for the wildlife safari for 2 hrs. Many Hanuman Langur species, three Deer (spotted deer, barking Deer, and mouse deer), wild pig, porcupine, and hare form other herbivores. Apart from that, local people found the carnivores, Panther, Jackal, wolf, Fox, Hyena; Civets are important. 

    Chandaka is located 15 KM from Bhubaneswar
    Note: The Entry fee is 40 rs per person.


    3. Chilika Bird Sanctuary:

    A spectacular place for an amazing Bird's view. You must travel to Chilika Bird Sanctuary once if you are traveling to Odisha. A prominent tourist attraction place which is spread over Puri, Khurda, and Ganjam districts covering 1100 KM.

    Chilika Lake is the largest coastal lagoon in India and the largest brackish water lagoon in the World. Chilika Lake is home to hundred species of birds & animals. Birds from the Caspian lake, Baikal Lake, Aral Sea, Russia, Australia, and Southern Asia come to this place.

    Chilika is home to Irrawaddy dolphins found on Satapada Island on Chilika Lake. Some name of the beautiful bird species found in Chilika Lake is White-bellied sea eagles, Greylag geese, Purple moorhen, Flamingo jacana, Herons, and Northern Pintails.

    1. Kalijai Island
    2. Nalabana Island
    3. Satpada Island
    4. Rambha Bay
    5. Breakfast Island
    6. Honeymoon Island
    7. Birds Island
    8. Beacon Island
    9. Rajhans Island
    10. Mangalajodi Island

    Chilika lake is spread to Puri, Khurda & Ganjam district. Chilika Lake is located 55 KM from Puri, 70 KM from Bhubaneswar.


    4. Balukhand Wildlife Sanctuary:

    Balukhand Wildlife Sanctuary is located along the Bay of Bengal coast spread over 87 KM. This is famous for Blackbuck and Spotted Deer. Some other animals including Jackals, jungle cats, Hyenas, monkey, squirrels, and varieties of birds are found in the Balukhand sanctuary.

    Balukhand Wildlife sanctuary is located between Puri and Konark town. It is located 20 KM from Puri and 75 KM from Bhubaneswar.


    5. Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary:

    According to the Wildlife point of view, Bhitarkanika is a central tourist attraction point for outsiders. Bhitarkanika is famous for its saltwater crocodile conservation. You can find many Indian lizards, spotted deer, fishing cats, sambar, and migratory birds. Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary is also known as the Amazon of India.

    Bhitarkanika National Park and Bhitarkanika Museum are also the most famous for exploring. Click here to read the complete detail about Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary. 

    Bhitarkanika spreads over 672 sq. Km and forest space spread over 163 sq. Km. Bhitarkanika is located in Kendrapara district with the Delta of Brahmani and Baitarani rivers. 

    Bhitarkanika is located 170 KM from Bhubaneswar and 58 KM from Kendrapara.
    Nearest Railway Station: Bhadrak (80 KM from Bhitarkanika)


    6. Gahiramatha Marine Sanctuary:

    Gahiramatha was declared the largest nesting beach for Olive Ridley Turtles in the World and in 1979 Indian Government declared as a Wildlife Sanctuary of Odisha. You can also say the largest Turtle beach in the World. Gahiramatha Wildlife Sanctuary is very near to Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary (25 KM).

    Gahiramatha Marine Sanctuary is home to unique Olive Ridley Turtles, and in the Winter seasons, they are easily spotted throughout the beach. This is such a unique place, and a peaceful place for them to quickly relax and visitors also enjoy the turtle paradise.

    Gahiramatha Marine Sanctuary is fascinating to watch the Olive Ridley Turtles come out of the Indian Ocean, select a site, dig holes and lay Eggs and cover these places, and go back to sea again.

    The Entry fee is 20 rs for Indian people & 1000 rs for foreign people.

    Gahiramatha Marine Sanctuary is located in Kendrapara District and 167 KM from Bhubaneswar. 
    Nearest Railway Station: Bhadrak (100 KM from Gahiramatha)


    7. Similipal Tiger Reserve:

    One of the best Wildlife Sanctuaries in Odisha is located in Similipal, Mayurbhanj District, Northem Odisha. Similipal Tiger Reserve is covering 2750 sq. Km and is a part of Tiger Reserve and Elephant Reserve. Similipal is connected to Hadgarh Wildlife Sanctuary and Kuladiha Wildlife Sanctuary with 464 Sq.Km area.

    Similipal is home to Bengal Tiger, Asian Elephant, Chausingha, and many other animals. Royal Bengal tiger specifies the name of Similipal Tiger Reserve perfectly. Recently some rare Melanistic tigers or Black Tiger found in Similipal. Similipal Tiger Reserve is designated as the best tiger reserve among 9 of the tiger reserves.

    Barehipani Waterfall and Joranda Waterfall are the two magnificent waterfalls that flow through the Similipal Wildlife, making the environment more beautiful. Read the blog about Barehipani Waterfall.

    The Entry fee is 100 rs per person. Similipal Tiger Reserve is open from 7 AM - 5 PM.

    Similipal Tiger Reserve is located in Mayurbhanj District and 197 KM from Bhubaneswar. 
    Nearest Railway Station: 
    1. Jajpur Road (87 KM from Similipal)
    2. Bhadrak (126 KM from Similipal)
    3. Soro, Balasore (101 KM from Similipal) 


    8. Satakosia Tiger Reserve:

    Satakosia is a magnificent Gorge over the Mahanadi river spreads over 14 Miles or 22 KM in length. Satakosia is derived from 2 words: SATA means seven and Kosa means 2 miles and combines 14 Miles. Satakosia is famous for its Tiger reserve and Crocodiles.

    Satakosia Reserve is covering 963.87 Sq.Km with wild forest. Satakosia Elephant Reserve is also famous for the Asian Elephant. Visitors attracts to this place for enjoying the deep blue water of Mahanadi River, Satakosia Gorge, Tiger Reserve, Elephant Reserve, Crocodile Reserve, leopard, Wild dog, wild boars, Hyena, sloth bear, leopard cat, jungle cat, spotted deer, pangolins, and many other animals.

    Satakosia Tiger Reserve is connected to Angul, Cuttack, Nayagarh, and Boudh district of Odisha.

    The Entry fee is 20 rs per person. For foreign visitors, the Price is 1000 per person.
    Vehicle Price: 5 rs for Jeep/car/lmv per day
    Trekking: 20 rs per person (Indian) & 100 rs for foreign visitors


    9. Tikarapada Wildlife Sanctuary:

    Tikarapada Wildlife Sanctuary is famous for its crocodile sanctuary. A major tourist place for Angul and located in Satakosia Gorge. This place's primary attraction is Gharial Crocodile & Mugger Crocodile, found in a large number at Mahanadi River.

    There is a crocodile preservation center at Tikarpada Crocodile Sanctuary to help to grow the Gharial population. Apart from that Tikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary is also famous for the wild forest and fantastic wildlife. Trekking, boating is allowed here to spend the wildlife experience here.

    Tikarpada Crocodile Sanctuary is located 62 KM from Angul Town and 160 KM from Bhubaneswar. 


    10. Baisipalli Wildlife Sanctuary:

    Wildlife Sanctuary is a fantastic wildlife creature located in Nayagarh District of Odisha. Baisipalli is adjacent to the Satakosia Wildlife Sanctuary. It is spread over 168.35 sq. Km area and home to Leopards, Bears, elephants, sambar, and spotted Deer. Bengal Tigers are also spotted in this place. Baisipalli is located on the opposite side of the Mahanadi Gorge.

    Satakosia Tiger Reserve comprises in between Baisipalli and Satakosia Gorge Sanctuary. Baisipalli Basically Wildlife Sanctuary is located 42 KM from Angul Town and 117 KM from Bhubaneswar. 

    11. Kotgarh Wildlife Sanctuary:

    Kotagarh Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Baliguda, Kandhamal spread over 399.05 sq.Km with rich biodiversity.

    Major Wildlife species are elephant, Bengal Tiger, Leopard, Sambar deer, spotted deer, bear, gaur, variety of reptiles. This is the best place for all from a vacation point of view. As these places are cold than other cities, everyone is trying to come here for a picnic. Many waterfalls flow through this area.

    Kotgarh Wildlife Sanctuary is located 75 KM from Baliguda Town and 339 KM from Bhubaneswar.

    Nearest Railway Station:
    Muniguda Railway Station is 50.9 KM from Kotgarh Wildlife Sanctuary.

    12. Ushakothi Wildlife Sanctuary:

    Ushakothi Wildlife Sanctuary located in the Sambalpur district of Odisha spread over 304.3 Sq.Km area near Hirakud Dam. Ushakothi WildLife Sanctuary connects with Badarama Reserve Forest, Ushakothi Reserver Forest & Binjipali Reserver forest to give its rich flora and fauna.

    Ushakothi Wildlife provides you with a good experience of scenic beauty and wildlife experience for nature lovers. Home to tigers, elephants, leopards, deer, sambar, bears, panthers, and many more animal. This place is also famous for its name Badarama Wildlife Sanctuary.

    Ushakothi Wildlife Sanctuary located at 39 KM from Sambalpur City and 267 KM from Bhubaneswar, Odisha

    Nearest Railway Station: Sambalpur Railway Station
    Nearest Airport: Jharsuguda Airport (80.8 KM)

    1. The Entry fee is 10 rs per person. For foreign visitors, the Price is 100 per person.
    2. Vehicle Price: 10 rs for light vehicles and 20 rs for heavy vehicles per day


    13. Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary:

    An important Wildlife Sanctuary of Odisha and home to many wild species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fishes have been found here. Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Bargarh District district of Odisha.

    For a nature lover, Debrigarh is a good Wildlife Sanctuary to explore. Its rich wildlife and Hirakud reservoir make this place very vibrant. During winter Hirakud reservoir attracts a lot of migratory birds. Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary home to Elephant, Chausingha, Spotter Deer, Leopard, Jackal, Fox, Wolf, Hyena, Wild Dog, Bear.

    Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary located 35.6 KM from Sambalpur and 309 KM from Bhubaneswar.

    Nearest Railway Station: Sambalpur Railway Station
    Nearest Airport: Jharsuguda Airport (92 KM)

    The Entry fee is 40 rs per person. Book a Jungle Safari to enjoy the Wildlife Sanctuary 

    14. Sunabeda Wildlife Sanctuary:

    Sunabeda Wildlife Sanctuary is nowadays going to be very popular for its wildlife division and three major Waterfalls. This Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Nuapada District of Odisha. Sunabeda Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over 600 sq. Km area and home to Royal Bengal Tiger, Leopard, Gaur, Sloth Bear, Four-horned antelope, Hares, Jackals, Peafowl, Hill Mynas, Jungle fowls, Deer, Wild Boar, Blue Bull, Hyena, Sambar, reptiles, birds species.

    You may also read about the 10 Best places to visit in Koraput district.

    Major Attraction:

    1. Three Major Waterfalls are amidst the ancient rock formation. Goudhus, Beniadhus, and Kharaldhus are the major waterfalls you can also visit to explore Nuapada Wildlife. Apart from these three Major waterfalls, 12 more small waterfalls and two Springs are crossed at Nuapada.
    2. Patora Dam, Jogeswar Siva Temple, and Goddess Sunadei Temple are the major tourist point for this wildlife sanctuary.

    Sunabeda Wildlife Sanctuary is located 78 KM from Nuapada & 476 KM from Bhubaneswar.

    Nearest Railway Station: Khariar Road to Nuapada Road (Passenger Train)
    Nearest Airport: Raipur Airport (193 KM) is connected to all the major cities.

    15. Karlapet Wildlife Sanctuary:

    Karlapet Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Kalahandi District Odisha spread over 147.66 Sq.Km area. This is a very popular tourist attraction place in Odisha with full of flora and fauna.

    Karlapet Wildlife Sanctuary is home to Bengal Tiger, Leopard, Elephant, Jackal, Fox gaur, Nilgai, Deer, Sambar, and various reptiles. One major waterfall flows through this Wildlife Sanctuary. 

    Major Attraction near Karlapet Wildlife Sanctuary:

    Phulijharan Waterfall is a famous waterfall located 20 KM from Bhawanipatna.

    Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary is located 63.3 KM from Sambalpur and 449 KM from Bhubaneswar.

    Nearest Railway Station: Bhawanipatna Railway Station
    Nearest Airport: Raipur Airport (300 KM)
    You can take regular buses from Bhubaneswar and Raipur to Bhawanipatna.

    Odisha is a state famous for its Tourist Places, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Temples, Waterfalls, and rich biodiversity. You can start to travel to Odisha at any time, and we have added the best 15 Odisha Wildlife Sanctuary. All of these Wildlife sanctuaries are important in terms of primary to choose. Apart from these Wildlife sanctuaries, you may find many more Wildlife places.

    What is the Perfect Time to Travel:
    The best time to travel is from October to February. The winter season is the perfect time to start a travel and explore the Wildlife Sanctuary. 

    Read more: 


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    Wednesday, January 6, 2021

    Wonderworld Amusement Water Park - Best Water Park in Puri with Cottages

    Puri is known as Lord Jagannath Dham or prime tourist city of Odisha. It is located near the Bay of Bengal and 70 KM far away from Bhubaneswar City, capital of Odisha. People searching for old temples, sea beaches, and staying at Puri to capture the right moment are always coming to this place.

    It's never the wrong time to travel to a water park, whether it's summer or winter. It is the right time to make a list of all the adventure places in Puri and the temple tour and travel to the Amusement park in Puri; never be a waste of time with your family or friends. Prepare to go out and make sure to go to these water parks in Puri. While you're absorbing some sun, you might take in a number of that water too.

    Here is a question for all of you: should we get any Water Parks in Puri that provides good Amusement Park, adventure riders, well-maintained parks, good fooding facilities, lockers, and night stay?

    Are you in search of a Good Water Park in Puri or any water park near Bhubaneswar?
    Are you in search of any water park in Puri which provides you with night-staying cottages?

    The answer to all of these questions is Yes. I've found the best Water park in Puri, which is only 8 KM from Puri city. Wonderworld Park is the best Water Park near Bhubaneswar, and it will satisfy all the criteria we've mentioned above. This waterfall comes with some useful updates after the Covid-19 effect.

    I visited Wonderworld Park recently and got some good news for all the water park lovers. They are currently working on the new sliders and parks to make it possible ASAP.

     For Booking at Wonderworld Water Park visit this link: Book For WaterPark

    Facilities offered by Wonderworld Water Park:

    One can find many resorts and Water Parks near Puri city. The ideal part of Wonderworld Resort cum Water amusement park in Puri offers a wide range of entertainment, including many thrilling and chilling dry and wet rides and many other activities for everyone.

    You can also enjoy an overnight stay in this resort located just beside the Amusement Water Park, which has 4 Luxury rooms, and 50 Cottages. You can also plan for a stay overnight at this place with your children.

    They are also offering Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, and Dinner near your cottages with the proper setup dining tables.

    Wonderworld Cottages:

    Wonderworld Park comes with some good Night stay cottages, which are very affordable. If you are coming with your family and friends, then the best way to enjoy the beauty of the waterpark is to stay there for a night and trust me you won't be disappointed. 

    This is ideally suitable for married couples. You can enjoy Candle Lit Dinner, Lunch, Breakfast, Bone fire, DJ Music, Anchor Games, and Night stay.

    Wonderworld Rides:

    Wonderworld Park is one of the biggest water parks in Odisha. It has a fascinating Aqua Disc, Group Safari, HI-MAI Screamer, Crazy River rides, Mat Racer, and Boating Ride inside the Pool, Mattress.

    Other Facilities:

    Wonderworld Park provides you locker facility, changing rooms, along with swimming costumes for rent. They have well-trained safeguards, medical staff, and security guards. To take care of any emergency situations, they have proper medical facilities available. 

    This fantastic amusement Water Park in Puri is also a famous tourist attraction because of adventure rides, sliders, cottages, and many other activities.


    • The Amusement Park opens at 10 AM and closes at 6 PM
    • The Amusement park is surveillance by guards and 24x7 cameras.


    The Entry ticket for all rides starts from ₹699, and for the cottage/camp stay, the price starts from ₹2463, which includes morning breakfast and rides for the entire day.

    Wonderworld Amusement park has three plans for the Weekends;

    1. General Ticket: Starts from ₹699 [Park entry + All slides & attraction access+Lunch+Costume 2 piece]

    2. VIP Ticket: Starts from ₹949 [Park Entry + Welcome Drink + VIP Slide Entry + Buffet Lunch in A/C restaurant + Locker/baggage rent + costume rent (2 pc)

    If you are planning for Sat & Sunday, the price is ₹699 for the entire day ride (my recommendation for the couple) and they are adding Disco time for 8 PM - 10 PM

    For booking please click on this link: Wonderworld Booking


    NH-203, Balia, Malatipatpur Puri – 752002, Odisha

    Contact Number: 

    +91-8144916946, 1800-120-6676  

    Packing for the Outing:

    • Before you leave to a waterpark together with your happy bunch, confirm you carry a couple of essentials.
    • Many parks hire out swimwear, holding your own is usually a far better option.
    • Load thereon sunscreen and carry extra tubes of it.
    • An additional set of garments is another must, especially for the youngsters, who are sure to get a touch messy.
    • Early starts are great if you would like to avoid Puri's notorious traffic.
    • Keep yourself hydrated once you are called to the sun for too long.
    • Outing within the water park may be a perfect stage for family bonding, and it makes for a memorable occasion with friends and colleagues.
    • Bring your essential clothes for the night's stay.


    Try out new exciting rides and enjoy the old favorites. Plan your trip to a water park near Puri and share your experience with us.