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Chandragiri (Jiranga Monastery) - Tibet of Odisha

chandragiri, jiranga

About Chandragiri:

Tibetan refugees stay near Chandragiri Buddhist temple called this place Jiranga. Tibetan is conjointly known as this place as "PHUNTSOKLING."
which implies a "land of happiness and plenty." So Jiranga is also known as "MINI-TIBET."

As per history, the Chinese invasion of Tibet, the refugee came across India & the Indian government resettlement program. Several numbers of the camp were established, and one of these places is Chandragiri. Tibetan refugee makes this place more beautiful and attractive. This tourist place is called an Unexplored tourist place of Odisha. This area's primary business is Cultivation (Farming), growing fruits, Livestock, and Handicraft. 



  • There are unit colleges, hospitals, and well-made roads around the settlement. The Buddhist temple is beautiful, with beautiful art and well-maintained gardens. School and hostels are available for the student, which is also well maintained. This area is covered with 15 acres.
  • A large forest covers Jiranga, and outside the temple, there is a small Waterfall named "Khasada Waterfall" and Lord Ram Temple. There is a canteen available outside of the complex.

Khasada Waterfall:

khasada waterfall

Khasada waterfall is located near the Kamalpur Village of Ganjam District. It is 7.6 km far from the Jiranga Buddhist temple. Khasada Waterfall is very famous as a Picnic spot near Jiranga. This waterfall looks very beautiful and marvelous because of its realistic view. It was an ideal place for visitors who wanted to enjoy this space.

How to Reach:

Chandragiri Buddhist place is about 257 km from Bhubaneswar and 90 km from Brahmpur via Mohana. It is 15 km from Mohana town and 4 km away from Chandragiri to reach the Buddhist Temple.
  • Nearest Airport - Bhubaneswar Airport
  • Nearest Railway Station - Brahmpur Railway station
  • Nearest Bus stand - Mohana Bus stand
  • Timing of Temple is from 5.30 AM to 4 PM
You can go by Private taxi also. If you travel from Brahmpur, take the road toward Digapahandi and travel through Mohana. At the entrance of Mohana town, take a left turn and travel 18 km to reach Chandragiri.


There are many good hotels available across Brahmpur city according to your budget. You can book hotels online also. If you want to stay near Mohana Tehsil, small hotels & lodgings are also available.

Nearest Tourist Place:

Taptapani hot spring(18 km), Gopalpur beach(90 km), Taratarini Temple(96 km), Gandahati(97 km)

Other details:

Police station: 06816-257417
Ambulance: 108
Email: odishaat@gmail.com